About Us

Located in beautiful Meridian, ID Film Direct offers a wide variety of film output products and services. All the products and film output systems you see on the site are well tested and are a cumulation of years of experience and trial and error. In addition to our expertise in ink jet products, our staff also has over 20 years experience in screen printing on apparel and other substrates. 

We do quite a bit of color separations and film output. We specialize in simulated process separations. We also offer index, 4 color process, spot color separations and  a raster to vector service. Do you have a design that won't fit on your current printer, with our large format inkjet printers we can also output you're design up to 42"x60+". Or do you have a design you're just not sure how to approach the separations? Email us and we'll be happy to take a look at the design and offer our 2 cents. Email us at info@filmdirectonline.com