GO ScreenMate™ TFP Color Separation Ink- T3170x / ET-15000

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Product Overview

GO ScreenMate™ TFP Color Separation Ink | for MicroTFP Printhead

This ink is made specifically for the Epson Micro TFT print head that is used in the Epson T3170x and ET-15000 printers. The bottles are designed to be used with Eco-Tank printers.

• Formulated Specifically for Color Separation and Film Positive Printing
• Outstanding Density and High Speed Imaging
• Works Perfectly with ScreenMate and All Other Waterproof Films
• Designed and Formulated for MicroTFP Printheads
• Available Sizes: 140ml Bottles
• Compatible with GO ET-15000 SP and GO T3170x SP Printers
• Made in the USA


GO ScreenMate™ TFP Ink was specifically developed to satisfy the requirements for inkjet printers used for imaging in primarily the screen print market. Many inkjet users are now migrating to the use of their inkjet printer for imaging color separations. These users are finding that most ink being used for screen print applications does not address their needs due to: long ink drying time, film coating does not meet the requirements for screen print imaging or the ink / film combination being used may not have the density for producing appropriate color separations. GO's ScreenMate color separation Ink now addresses these issues.

GO ScreenMate™ TFP Color Separation Ink
GO ScreenMate, for High Speed, is a black dye ink formulated for those who are in a high production environment and need high speed imaging. offering very good densities in excess of 3.2 on ScreenMate film, the major feature of this ink is to image film at a much higher speed. With instant drying, little dot gain and very good density, ScreenMate is being used in both screen printing and traditional offset with GOs ScreenMate film.

GO ScreenMate™ Ink Compatibility
GO's ScreenMate™ ink was developed for use with MicroTFP Printheads only.

Printer Compatibility
GO ET-15000 SP and GO T3170x SP printers.

Please note we only recommend using this product on new machines. If your printer is currently using another type of ink mixing the two inks could damage your printhead. You would need to throughly flush out all the existing ink in order to use this product. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review