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Our Film Direct Orginal UV blocking dye ink for Epson printers is the perfect solution for users with bulk ink systems. Our ink was designed from the ground up for one purpose and that is to block the light from your exposure unit. We have tested it against the most powerful exposure units and it will easily block the UV light giving you crisp halftones and clean lines. Our ink is designed to work with or without a RIP software.  It's specifically designed to be fast drying, scratch and fade resistant. It works with both water proof and non-water proof media.

Our ink comes in 3 different sizes for both desktop and large format printers.

  •  8oz (250 ml) will typically fill 16 desktop cartridges or 1 x 220 ml large format cartridge.
  • 16 oz  (500 ml)will typically fill 32 desktop cartridges or 2 x 220 ml large format cartridge.
  • 32 oz (1000 ml) will typically fill 64 desktop cartridges or 4 x 220 ml large format cartridge or 1x jumbo 700 ml cartridge.

Our ink caries a full money back guarantee. If you don't like it, return it with no questions asked for a full refund.

The ink has a 2 year shelf life.


This formulation is for Epson Printers.

If running a Canon or Hp use this ink:



(20 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 3
    FD Dye Black Ink

    Posted by Jason on 1st Aug 2018

    No problem with the ink. This is the first refill I have ordered for my refill tanks. My concern with this order is that it does not come with any way to fill your tank with the ink. There is a system you can purchase that includes a tank holding unit and a syringe. There is no way to purchase just the syringe needed to fill the cartridge. I had to use a medical syringe, which was not the correct size to make it work and ended up getting ink everywhere and not able to fill the tanks all the way. From Film Direct: Hi Jason, Sorry for the hassle we have currently addressed this issue by adding a syringe to the site.

  • 5
    Wonderful stuff, completely changed my process for the better.

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Mar 2017

    Now printing my negatives, ultra black - UV does not get through, wonderful stuff.

  • 5
    Good ink for refillable cartridges

    Posted by James Sammons on 2nd Mar 2017

    Use this ink. Period. We have a screen printing business and use a modified Epson 1430 printer that uses black ink in all six cartridges. We purchased the refillable kit from along with this ink. So far so good. We have gone through at least 10 refills on each cartridge so far with no clogging and consistently dark black most of the time. The only time that the ink is a little thin is when the printer doesn't recognize the cartridge is empty. We have found that removing all the cartridges, re-placing them, and then powering the printer on and off seems to resolve the pressurization of the cartridges.

  • 5
    The best ink for Epson 1430 films

    Posted by JoeMcNamara on 10th Dec 2015

    We had been using another brand and it kept clogging the print head.We were doing 2 head cleanings per piece of film.This ink has not clogged once and the films are super dense.If you have a 1430 you WILL want to use this ink.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Sergio Pellecer on 24th Jul 2015

    Quick service and turnaround. Thank you

  • 5
    None More Black

    Posted by Donovan on 15th Apr 2015

    Best ink system out there. I recommend it to everyone I deem worthy.

  • 3
    Dried Up

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Dec 2014

    After filling and running a power cleaning. Two days later we had to run another power cleaning. -Film Direct adds: Our dye based ink is a liquid dye added to a liquid base. It typically doesn't dry out in a such a short period of time as there are no particulates to dry in the head. Sometimes during an ink conversion air can get sucked into a cartridge or ink line. It may take some time for the air bubble to work itself through the system and into the head. The air bubble will look like a clog but can be easily purged with a head cleaning.

  • 5
    Good value

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jul 2014

    I've used it with their refillable cartridges for 2 years in the same Epson 1400 and It's saved me a lot of money. No problems at all with clogging etc print quality very good.

  • 5
    As good as it gets!

    Posted by Bob on 14th Nov 2013

    Stop it ain't going going to find anything any better. Period!