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Product Overview

Are you running a Blackmax or similar all black ink system? We're now offering single use all black cartridges that are completely compatible with your Blackmax system. There is no need to flush your system. Our dye black ink is specially formulated to give you not only really black film positives it also blocks out the UV light spectrum giving you cleaner burning screens. You can use these cartridges to replace your pigment ink as a single cartridge solution or if you're using AccuRIP you can choose to run a multi-black system. AccuRIP will pull an equal amount of ink from each black cartridge. You can purchase single cartridges or a complete set. Works with both waterproof and non-waterproof film. This is the same ink that is used in our refillable bulk system but now offered as a single use alternative.

Available for:

  • Epson 4000 /7600 /9600
  • Epson 4880
  • Epson 4800
  • Epson 7800 / 9800
  • Epson 7880 / 9880

What comes in the box?

  • 8 x 220 ml single use cartridges with our UV blocking dye black ink (1 x cartridge for each color slot)



Epson, Blackmax and Accurip are trademarks of their respective companies are not affiliated with Film Direct. This product is not manufactured by Epson or Blackmax.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review