Single use 4900 Line Flush Cartridges -

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Product Overview

 Epson 4900 compatible single use  200 ML line flush / head cleaning  cartridges with single use chip.  Our line flush is specially formulated to keep the head clean and the printer functioning properly when not using one or more of the heads on your printer. For instance if you're running a one black system you could run these cartridges in the other slots in lieu of expensive colored cartridges. This helps keep down the cost of ink consumption and maintains the printer. This solution has no pigment and will not show up on paper or film. Cartridges come prefilled and are easily refilled with supplied syringe. Extra bottles of line flush sold separately.

Available for:

  • Epson 4900

Please note that when ordering that you will need to specify what slot on the printer you need the cartridge for.


Please note these are 200 ML cartridges. They will fit in the printer without sticking out. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review