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Epson SureColor T3270 24" Film Printer

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The Epson SureColor T3270 is one of the best if not thee best film printer in production right now. It's reliable, fast and prints really clean film. And best of all it prints up to 24" for all your oversized prints. We've coupled the T-series with our UV blocking FD Dye Black ink and a roll of our waterproof film. Hook this printer up to  your favorite RIP software such as Accurip , Wasatch or FilmMaker (not included) and you're ready to rock and roll.

Printer Highlights:

  • Prints up to 24" although you can also use 13", 14" or 17" film as well.
  • Print Speeds of 22"x"34" in just 28 seconds!
  • Comes with Stand and Paper Catch
  • Comes with 1 x 700 ML Pre-filled  FD Dye Black UV Blocking ink (full size cartridge), and 4x 110 ML Epson Colored Ink (starter set of cartridges)
  • Comes with Your Choice of Roll of Film 13", 17" or 24"
  • Free Shipping to the Lower 48 US States. (Hawaii and Alaska please contact us for a quote)

More Info and FAQ:

I only want to print film why are you including colored ink, couldn't we use cleaning solution cartridges instead?

The ink comes with the printer and you need ink in the printer for it to function, so you may as well use it for the initial install. We recommend charging the printer with our 1 cartridge of  dye black ink and using the other four Epson colored cartridges that come with the machine in the colored slots. The Epson cartridges are starter cartridges so they may not last that long after the initial charging of the machine. You'll save money on the initial purchase but will probably have to replace them after around 3 months even if you're only printing black ink due to head cleanings etc.... After they run out you can replace them with either cleaning cartridges (the least expensive if you're only using the printer for film) or we also sell colored ink cartridges if you would like to keep the printer printing film and colored proofs, or posters etc....

Why aren't the cartridges refillable like the older Epson model printers?

The main reason we currently don't offer refillable cartridges is that there are no chip resetters or auto reset chips available. When they become available we may start offering them. However we've found that the one time use cartridges, while a little more expensive in the long run, are far more reliable and are safer as far as not running out of ink. On older Epson models it wasn't that big of a deal if you forgot to fill a cartridge and it ran out of ink sucked air. You could just refill the cartridge, run a couple cleanings and get it functioning again. These newer printers are far more sensitive to air. If the cartridge runs out of ink and you attempt to print with an empty line you will damage the head. 

Is this printer reliable? We're currently running an Epson 4900 and we've had trouble with it.

We hear this a lot. We quit selling the 4900 for this reason. The 4900 has know electrical and head issues and doesn't play nice with aftermarket cartridges. This printer however works extremely well with our ink and film, we've had limited support issues with the printer itself. It's easily the most reliable printer we've sold.

Is this the same system that Epson sells with Accurip?

It's the same printer but we've outfitted it with our ink and it doesn't include a rip software. The Epson film printer uses an expensive proprietary pigment ink that they want you to use in conjunction with their film (expensive). Our setup however will run with any waterproof film. We do recommend running our ink or thoroughly flush the machine if you change brands of ink.

Will I need a RIP? Is it included?

No the package does not include a RIP. We currently don't sell any RIP software. We recommend running either Accurip, FilmMaker or Wasatch.

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