Multi Black Large Format Ink Kit-4000/4800/4880/7600/7800/7880/9600/9800/9880

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Product Overview

Order our bulk ink / refillable cartridges changeover kit and SAVE hundreds of dollars over OEM Epson cartridges!!!

Here's how it works:
You'll use our conversion kit to switch over your printer from OEM pigment ink to our custom FD Dye ink. You'll run our dye black ink in two channels and clear solution in the other channels. Why run black in only two channels? We've found that two channels of black ink is optimal for print speed and and producing clean crisp dots. If you would like to run more than two black channels of ink you can purchase additional ink at the time of order at a discount. Why run clear instead of colors? Basically you do this to save money. Even though you're only running one or two channels of black  the printer is constantly cleaning and wiping the head, thus using all the channels. Between the normal usage of the printer and any head cleanings you may do will send valuable ink straight to the maintenance tank. The average set of OEM ink cartridges can easily set you back $850 or more depending on the model. If you're not using the colors and most screen printers don't, why waste the money on expensive ink cartridges. Our system will give you better results than OEM ink and save you money!!!

Our Large Format ink kits now ship an extra set of memory chips. (except 4000, 7600 and 9600 models). The memory chips on the cartridges will eventually become full from resetting them. When the memory is full the printer will no longer read the chips. We include an extra set of chips so you'll avoid downtime in the instance the chip does go out. We warrant the chips and cartridges for one year.


What you get in the kit:

  • 1 - set of our 200 ml refillable ink cartridges with chip re-setter
  • 1 - 16 oz bottle of our FD Dye Black ink (enough to fill two cartridges one time)
  • 1 - 32 oz bottle of our cleaning / flush solution (enough to fill 4 cartridges one time)
  • 1 - 16 oz bottle of our cleaning / flush solution (enough to fill 2 cartridges one time)
  • 1  - Extra set of chips
  • 1 -chip resetter
  • 1 year warranty on the cartridges memory chips



  These are Epson compatible cartridges and not manufactured by Epson, Epson is a registered trademark of the Seiko corporation.

 *Currently only ships from California. 

More info

Refillable cartridges

Set of 7 or 8 Refillable Cartridges for your Epson printer

Complete with Epson Chip Re-setter About Our Epson Cartridges Our refillable cartridges are 200 ml and are made with a transparent plastic that will allow you to visibly see the ink levels at all times. This ensures that you will see how much ink you have left so that you don???t risk running out of ink in the middle of an important job. Our unique design makes the cartridges extremely easy to refill. You just simply need to pour the ink through a funnel, which fits easily in the back of the cartridge.

Each cartridge comes standard with a chip that will be recognized by your Epson printer and can be reset with the help of our Epson chip re-setter tool. This will allow you to reset the chip over and over, thus allowing you to reuse the cartridge again and again, saving you time and money.

Compatibility: Epson 4000, 4800, 4880, 7600, 7800, 7880, 9600, 9800, 9880 please specify model.

FD Dye Black

Our custom dye ink is the best ink on the market for film output on inkjet printers. It's specifically designed to be fast drying, scratch and fade resistant. It works with both water proof and non-water proof media.

Our dye ink not only has superior UV blocking characteristics to standard pigment inks, our bulk system dye ink is also a lot cheaper than standard inkjet cartridges. In fact our kit is the equivalent to 4 sets of Epson 110ml cartridges.


FD Clear Flush Solution

Our clear flush / cleaning solution is an low cost substitute to expensive Epson colored cartridges. Your printer needs ink or an ink substitute in every channel to function properly. You're printer is constantly doing small head cleanings to keep it functioning properly, but why send expensive ink down the drain? With our system you fill all the colored cartridges with our clear solution. Our flush solution is specifically formulated with similar characteristics to ink. It keeps the print head lubed up and clean.


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