Small Format Head Cleaning Kit

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Product Overview

Now available is our head cleaning kit for small format Epson printers. Are you switching from one type of ink to another? Not planning on using your printer for a while? Got a light head clog? Here is your solution. These cartridges come prefilled with our head cleaning / line flush solution. Just install these cartridges as you would a normal cartridge and run a couple head cleanings from your Epson Utility software to flush the old ink. This product used a very mild waterbased solution to flush the old ink and loosen any dried ink. This product works really well in flushing dye-sub inks from the head.  For stuborn clogs it may take a few days to remove the clogged ink.  It may not work for really clogged printers. See our instructions or contact us for more details.


Kit includes:

  • 6-8 Prefilled cartridgesdepending on printer model
  • 4 oz of additional loine flush
  • needle and syringe
  • instructions


Compatible Cartridge number

T079120 (#79)
T079220 (#79)
T079320 (#79)
T079420 (#79)
T079520 (#79)
T079620 (#79)


Download instructions here:


(No reviews yet) Write a Review