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Product Overview

High quality film printing for screen printing via large format Epson inkjet printers. We can print any size film from up to 44" width by any length up to 100'.  Our film service is primarily recommended for making screens for apparel, flat stock, or tapestry printing but can be used for other applications such as stamp making. If you are not sure if our film printing will work with your application please inquire before ordering. We do not recommended our film for offset or high line screen applications. 

Due to time constraints and varying expectations when it comes to file mark up and resizing artwork we will no longer accommodate these requests. All files MUST be at sized and any registration or film mark-ups must be included with the file if required.  Thanks for understanding.

Required Specs: If you'll be providing us a separated file we require it to be sent in one of the following formats:

  • The files must be separated and RIP ready with any fonts outlined, registration marks added if needed and sized to the final output size. We do not resize the files or add any file mark ups, registration marks or color info. If you need any separations or additional work performed on your files please contact us for a quote. 
  • Adobe Illustrator (ai, eps or pdf) Image must be to final output size. Each color must be a spot color or 100% black. Any CMYK or RGB colors will print as halftones.
  • Adobe Photoshop (psd, dcs 2.0, tif) at 200dpi or higher at size, the separated colors must be saved to channels
  • Bitmapped Files will work. Please submit at actual size at 300 dpi or higher
  • We do not accept jpegs or PNG files as the files can be low resolution or the actual output size may change when opened on our system.  
  • If the image has halftone dots please specify line screen and frequency. We recommend 35 lpi for use with discharge inks, 45 lpi for most applications and 55 or 65 lpi if you need to hold really fine detail. By default we run all spot color half tones at 45 lpi at 52.5 degrees. Other dot sizes and angles available upon request. We recommend using a screen that is 5x the lpi. So a 45-lpi film will require a screen with minimum of 225 mesh.
  • Since the film is being produced on an inkjet printer the lowest font size we recommend would be 8pts.

Limitations: Please note this film is done on an Inkjet printer and not an imagesetter and will not work well for certain high detail applications such as some offset printing. Please note the limitations below.

  • Fonts below 8 pt
  • Line Screen Above 65lpi
  • Strokes or lines below .5pt
  • Image with exact specs ie: rulers or blueprint type drawings. Images will register from film to film but the actual design may vary slightly from the file size thus making it incompatible for blueprint or spec drawings. 

Volume Pricing: Orders over 5 sheets receive a discount of 10% and order over 9+ sheets receive 15% off off each sheet. Add to cart to see price adjustment. 

We treat each line item in the order as a new design. For designs with multiple colors add the appropriate number of sheets to the shopping cart. If your design requires multiple files to be uploaded please zip them up into one folder so there is just one upload per design. For additional designs please add an additional line item to the shopping cart. For multiple color designs we recommend ordering the same size sheet for every color in the design. If you choose to gang images on one large sheet of film keep the designs on the sheet oriented the same direct with horizontal or vertical. Placing images in different orientations will cause registration issues.  

Do not order multiple size sheets for the same design. They will not register. For example 5 of the 6 colors in a design fit on a 24"x30" sheet. One part of the design is only 13x19. Do not order (5) 24x30" sheets and (1) 13x19 sheet. They will not register with each other. Order all 6 sheets at 24"x30".

Pick the sheet size as big or bigger than your art file with a 1/4 inch bleed around the file.  IE If your file is a full 13" then order the 17x22" film as it may get cut off or reduce the size to 12.5"

Limited Liability: We warrant the product to be free from material defect. If there is an issue with the film you must notify Film Direct within 3 working days of receiving the order. We will choose at our discretion to either reprint the product or refund the purchase. We will not give refunds for carrier loss or destruction however we will reprint and ship the order at no additional charge by a carrier of our choice. We will provide expedited shipping at an additional cost if requested. . By ordering you agree to hold Film Direct harmless from any misprints, lost press time or missed deadlines etc... Our only obligation is to replace or refund the actual purchase price of the film.






(53 reviews) Write a Review

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    Film Output

    Posted by Ryan on 5th Oct 2022

    The film I had you output at 16.5 x 22 doesn't line up with the 23.5 x 30 film. I would suspect that these were output on different inkjet printers. I double checked my seps and they are correct. You might want to let customers know that they need to order the same size for all the films in a design. I also sent you this info a week ago and never heard back from you. Response from Film Direct: Sorry the film didn't meet your expectations, we've since reached out to the customer to resolve the issue. A couple things to note for other customers who may be reading this. 1. We require all orders that are the same design to be labeled in such a way that we know that separate files may be for the same design. If registration of different sheets is required all the colors in the design must be printed on the same size sheet. A film printed on our 17" printer may not line up with film on our 24" printer. Also the design orientation has to be consistent from color to color. Example, Color A printed landscape mode will not register with color B in portrait mode. 2. Registration marks and job info descriptions on the film are helpful in checking for registration issues and knowing what film belongs with what design. We couldn't tell that the 17x22 sheet was part of the 24x30 order as the file names were different nor could we check registration as there were no registration marks added to the files. If you have any further file issues or questions please feel free to contact support at

  • 5
    Film Output

    Posted by Ryan on 7th Sep 2022

    Great film + fast turnaround!

  • 5
    Film Output

    Posted by Joe Fattori on 20th May 2022

    Nice opaque blacks

  • 5
    film output

    Posted by yi sun on 17th Mar 2022

    good job!

  • 5
    film output

    Posted by yi sun on 28th Feb 2022

    good work and service

  • 5
    Film Output

    Posted by Joseph Edward Fattori on 6th Jan 2022

    The opaquest black I've ever seen next to kodalith many years ago. Great service and quick delivery

  • 5
    Film output

    Posted by David on 28th Dec 2021

    Extremely fast turnaround very reliable, my one and only go to for films!

  • 4

    Posted by Part Rust Apparel on 24th Dec 2021

    First round I received came with registration marks. Second did not. First round was delivered incredibly quick. Second took a long while. If there was a bit more consistency I would give a 5 considering quality and price.

  • 5

    Posted by Kristen Tanner on 17th Dec 2021

    Bryan has been amazing to work with and the quality of the films is fantastic!