Epson WF 7210 Film Output Bundle with RIP

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49.00 LBS

Product Overview

Film Direct is excited to now offer the Epson WF7210 with RIP software.  It’s never been this easy or more affordable to own a dedicated inkjet film printer for film output WITH a RIP software. We have bundled a new Epson WF7210 along with our refillable UV blocking ink kit, 100 sheet pack of 13x19 and a full license of Prinfab Rip. We are also including our proprietary Printfab custom profiles. Printfab RIP has almost all the same features as our competitors at fraction of the cost. It will allow you to choose your halftone size, angle, dot shape and control the ink density. 

Bundle Includes:

  • New WF7210 printer. Comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty (These printers are purchased from authorized Epson dealers and drop shipped straight to you.)
  • Refillable UV blocking all black ink kit. Comes with 5 pre-filled cartridges with auto-reset chips, 4 oz of our Original UV Blocking Dye Black ink and refillable ink jar and syringe.
  • 100 Sheet pack of our 13x19 waterproof film
  • Printfab XL- Single computer license. PC or MAC compatible
  • Custom Printfab film profiles- Using our profiles takes the guess work out of the various ink settings. We’ve calibrated the settings to have a minimum Dmax ink density of 2.75 and the halftones are linearized to 3% accuracy.
  • Free Printfab updates for 90 days
  • Instructions
  • Email and Phone support

More Info:

Epson WF7210:
The Epson WorkForce 7210 is a 5 cartridge inkjet printer that has a print area of up to 13x19. It has a max resolution of 1200dpi. It has a larger footprint than say the 1430 or p400, it’s approximately 22x19x12 and weighs around 40lbs. We have found it to be easy to setup and use and has proved reliable through months of testing, printing over 1000 prints without any issues.

Film Direct Refillable Ink Kit:
The key to getting solid stencils in your screens starts right here with our Original Film Direct UV blocking dye black ink. Without opaque ink, the uv light from your exposure unit will pierce the print on the film and your screen will not burn properly. This will be especially noticeable on small detail, thin lines and halftone dots. Our UV blocking ink will block the uv light from your exposure unit giving you crisp, clean stencils. Our cartridges are easily refilled with the supplied ink and our unique large mouth bottle filling system will greatly reduce ink spillage. The cartridges come with auto-reset chips. This means that when the printer gives you a warning that it has run out of ink, simply remove the cartridge, fill it  and reinsert it back into the machine. This will save both time and money over single use cartridges.

Waterproof Film:
Our waterproof film is some of the best and most affordable in the business. It has a micro-porous coating that encapsulates the ink to the film giving it it’s milky white look. Using our dye ink and waterproof film you should be able to burn screens without the ink from the film coming off onto your screen thus giving you the ability to reuse your film multiple times.

PrintFab RIP Software:
Printfab is an affordable and easy to use print driver /  RIP software that works on both PC and Mac and is compatible with popular Epson and Canon printers. PrintFab was originally developed by a company out of Germany who specialized in writing drivers for colored printers. They have recently added a screen print feature which allows the printer to print spot colors from your favorite art program. It will also produce halftone dots from any percentages of grey in the design. It has a multi- black ink feature as well allowing you to control which or how many cartridge to print black ink from. It has other important features as well, such as defining the halftone dot shape, size and angle, controlling how much ink is being deposited on the film and multiple resolution settings.

PrintFab printer Profiles:
There profiles were developed by Film Direct from countless hours of testing  and reams of film to give you accurate and easy to use pre-defined RIP / Printer settings right out of the box. We include profiles for spot colors and CMYK printing at the most popular dot size, shape and frequency. We’ve calibrated these profiles with our reflex densitometer to give you maximum ink opacity without gaining up the halftone dots or closing up small detail. We have calibrated the halftone dots to a remarkable 2-4% deviation or less off standard. This means that if your artwork calls for a 10% dot you should get 10 to 14% dot on your film. Accurip for example averages 13% over standard. So a 10% dot will average 23%! This completely throws off any curves in your art. Accurip requires you to have a densitometer to calibrate your film. Our profiles are pre-made to +/- 3 to 5% deviation. Printfab is easy enough to use that you can also easily tweak our profiles to your needs.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review