All Black Epson 1430 13" Film Output Solution (Factory Refurbished)

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 Currently out of stock. Check out our WF7210 system as an alternative:




Factory Refurbished Epson 1430 13" x 19" Film Output Solutions.

  • Large 13x19 output
  • Money saving refillable ink system
  • Works with or without a RIP
  • Quality ink made in America
  • Manufacturer 1 year warranty on printer
  • 1 year warranty on cartridges
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Free tech support

 ALL BLACK 13"x19" desktop film output solution. This system is great for a small to medium size shop.  Using our suggested ink setting, printing directly from your favorite art program, you can produce quality printed film right out of the box with or without a RIP.

If you haven't done so already, check out the printed film samples in the image section above. As you can see these pictures were taken on an exposure unit. The image on the top was printed with our suggested "Rich Black" ink settings from the Epson drivers. The key to getting dark films without a rip is to set your art file up as a cmyk image and set every channel to 100%. This will force the printer to print from more than just the "photo black" cartridge. Also you need to use the  "Premium Presentation Paper Matte" setting from the Epson driver setting. Using our all black ink system and using these simple settings will get you really nice film.

So do you need to spend $500+ for RIP software? The answer is yes and no. If you're a smaller shop that isn't doing much in the way of fine detail or halftones then you can get away without a rip. If you're printing a lot of film and could benefit from being able to produce halftones and print spot colors then we would definitely recommend a RIP like Accurip or FilmMaker. If you look closely at the second image in the printed sample film above you will see that not only the rip will give you really dense films it will also hold the detail better.

The kit comes complete with a set of our refillable ink cartridges pre-filled with our FD Black Dye ink and a 100 sheet pack of our waterproof film. Our ink system will give you superior performance at a fraction of the cost of our competitors ink solutions. 


The FD 13" Film Output Solution Includes:

  • New Epson 1430 Printer - 13" Wide Sheets Standard Format Printer
  • 6 Refillable Cartridges pre-filled with our uv blocking ink,comes with auto reset chips no chip re-setter required
  • Our new bad ass ink filling station. Makes refilling the cartridges a breeze! It will refill all six of your cartridges one time with ink to spare!
  • FD MonoChrome Film - 100 sheet box of 13x19" waterproof Film, Fast Dry Time, Waterproof
  • Instructions - detailed instructions


Epson 1430 Printer

  • Epson 1430 Printer Maximum Printer Width: 13 inches
  • Software & Drivers: Includes printer drivers
  • System Requirements: Mac or PC

FD Black Dye Ink and Refillable Cartridges

Our kit is unique in that it utilizes a refillable all black ink system. The cartridges have auto-reset chips installed. This means that every time you remove and reinstall the cartridge(s) it resets the ink count to full. So no more running to the store because one of your ink cartridges runs dry. Simply use our new filling station to easily refill the cartridges. Our ink is also a lot more affordable than our competitors one time use cartridges. We've calculated that each refill will cost you roughly $5.00 in ink. Compare that to $25 a cartridge for the single use cartridges. Our FD Black Dye Ink is specially formulated for film output. It's a lot more opaque than standard Epson ink. Thus giving you better line and dot retention when burning your screens.

FD Dye Black

Our custom dye ink is the best ink on the market for film output on inkjet printers. It's specifically designed to be fast drying, scratch and fade resistant. It works with both water proof and non-water proof media.

Our dye ink not only has superior UV blocking characteristics to standard pigment inks, our bulk system dye ink is also a lot cheaper than standard inkjet cartridges. Our ink station holds approximately 4 oz (100 ml)  of ink which will refill your cartridges at least one additional time


FD Waterproof Film

It has never been easier or more affordable to produce quality film positives from an inkjet printer.
Our FD film is a direct positive waterproof film with quick drying capability. FD film meets the most demanding requirements of screen printers who are interested in using their inkjet's for imaging color separations. With a thickness of 4 mils and a micro-porous coating technology that controls dot gain, UV characteristics, and drying, FD Film is perfect for color separations. Manufactured for use with piezo printers, FD Film offers a Visual dMax of 4.0, a UV dMax of 3.7 and a dMin of .07.

  • Holds registration, dimensionally stable won't shrink like vellum
  • Works with both dye and pigment inks., works with both piezo and thermal printheads
  • Designed specifically for the screen printing market
  • The same film we use daily for film output service
  • 4 mil thickness provides better handling and density than vellum
  • Available in both sheets and rolls
  • Affordable



Our Thoughts on RIP Software:

Ink control is one of the key factors in producing high quality film. Too much ink and you gain up your image, loose detail and throw off your dot percentages. Too little ink and you'll get banding and poor screen burning. We've found that the Epson drivers are adequate for producing simple line art film. But the all black feature of Accurip or the multi black feature of FilmMaker will give you the best ink control, the ability to produce spot colors and print halftones. All of which increase the quality and save you time. Do we think a rip is worth the money? Yes, we do. Can you get away without it for simple line art separations? Yes, absolutely.

We no longer offer any rips for sale but we recommend you purchase them from the respective manufacturers websites.


Film Direct Printer Technical Support and Advice

We have years of experience in every aspect of film output and color separation techniques. Our retail line of film output products directly reflect this experience. All our products are tried, true and tested . Literally daily. We use what we sell. We couldn't do it any other way. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding any of our products or services.

Please Note:

Epson printers are special order and are non-returnable. But they are covered under the manufacturers one year warranty. Product ships from our California warehouse.

 These are Epson compatible cartridges and not manufactured by Epson, Epson is a registered trademark of the Seiko corporation.


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  • 3
    After complicated setup, gets the job done.

    Posted by Tim Pike on 6th Mar 2018

    When I received the printer and installed it on my computer, it wouldn't print. I called and spoke with Bryan at Film Direct, and we determined that an ink cartridge was damaged. Bryan offered to send me a new ink cartridge overnight, and I told him overnight wasn't necessary. He sent not only one but two new cartridges 2 Day from California to Georgia which isn't cheap, so I very much appreciate the customer service. I found the setup to be far more complicated and confusing than other printers I have had, and it took several attempts to get the heads properly aligned, following the instructions to the letter, but now that I have it set up, it is performing well. It creates completely opaque films even on very large solids without RIP software. I have only been using the product a few days, so I can't speak to its durability, but it seems fairly well built and is doing a good job of fulfilling my need. Would have rated 4 stars if the setup wasn't so difficult, and this may not be the case with every unit. I would recommend this product to anyone who is layering and tiling multiple transparencies printed on a laser or inferior ink-jet printer. That's what I was doing before and I am glad I made this investment.

  • 5

    Posted by Andy on 30th Aug 2017

    Love it. Retired our old Xante. This thing prints super opaque, crisp images and the film it came with is great stuff. For the money, I couldn't be happier. One thing that may save someone some time - make sure you change the setting from printer paper to ultra premium glossy paper. Your film won't print right until you do. Reply from Film Direct: Thanks for the review, Presentation Paper Matte also works well. If you need it really black then use Ultra Premium Presentation Paper matte. Just watch for bleeding at that point. -Bryan

  • 5
    Had my doubts about this printer

    Posted by A on 28th Aug 2016

    But after using it, it's a great printer, after making the adjustments, the positives print out clean lines

  • 5
    Best film positive printer I have ever owned.

    Posted by Tim T on 13th Oct 2015

    This printer, with the all black system, runs so fast and clean it is ridiculous. I had read reviews before purchasing, but had taken them with a grain of salt. They seemed too good to be true. As someone who has owned the Epson Stylus Color 3000 and then 3 different Epson Workforce 1100s I can tell you, the reviews I read were spot on.

  • 5

    Posted by SHAWN COLVIN on 16th Sep 2015


  • 5
    No RIP, No Problem

    Posted by Liam on 9th Jun 2015

    I am super impressed with this kit. I was able to install the black cartridges, run a few head cleanings and get *super* black positives outputting from Illustrator & Photoshop with nothing more than 100C/100M/100Y/100K and the settings provided by FilmDirect. If I choose to get a RIP, I'm sure it would yield even better results, but these are fine by me for the time being. The delivery was extremely fast and the product was packaged perfectly.

  • 5
    Wonderful system with good DMax

    Posted by M Hartel on 6th May 2015

    I'm running this with FilmMaker v4 and was getting DMax of 2.75 for negatives right out of the gate... very happy with this system & purchase.

  • 5
    Just as good as the alternative but cheaper and it shipped quick.

    Posted by Koji on 13th Mar 2015

    I've owned the black max system a few years back. Sold my equipment and am now getting back into it. This system is the same but is way less expensive. The film sheets I bought work great. The ink dried fast and blocks light great. This was easy to set up. Works with accurip just fine. Ran a short ink droplet test which was explained well in the paperwork/instructions and then went through the setup in accurip which took like 30 seconds which also is covered. It's hooked up through wifi which is great. This is the the one to buy guys.

  • 5
    Great Printer and Fantastic Ink

    Posted by St. John Artworks on 7th Nov 2013

    I've used Film direct's ink for quite awhile and when my Epson R1800 finally died, I purchased the above Epson 1430 package with the cartridges/ink. Very happy with everything. Also, I have NEVER had any problems with the ink...NO clogs EVER ! You can't go wrong. Very happy.